Liquid Motion Workshop with Jeni Janover
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Liquid Motion Workshop with Jeni Janover

Jeni Janover the passionate founder of Liquid Motion will be in town for Melee.
She will be teaching 3 workshop one on Friday 11/09 before Meele and 2 on Sunday 11/11.
Sunday November 11th
FIVE FOR FLOOR (54 Floor)- 1:00 to 2:30
A set of five fundamental floor moves that are easy to learn, easy to execute, and will help ease your fear of the floor. These moves can be used as the foundation for any sequence of floor work. Five For Floor not only provides you the moves for basic floor work, but teaches you how to navigate the floor with grace and purpose. At Liquid Motion we like to think of Five For Floor as a springboard of inspiration for a world of ideas. Liquid One is a prerequisite to take this workshop, as it builds upon the movement theories discussed in that workshop. Participants will draw on their experience from Liquid One, utilizing the understanding of their bodies and where the movement initiates from. Let Liquid Motion and Five for Floor help ;you achieve what you want in your pole dancing.
$60 per person
Do you want to learn Jeni Janover signature Liquid Motion techniques NOW... on the pole!? Do you want to be able execute what see on Instagram on FaceBook? NOW YOU CAN! In this workshop you will learn Jeni Janover’s signature Liquid Motion style on the pole including movement theory, natural rotation, progression of sequences, and working with the physics of your body to create effortless and complex movement sentences. Get ready to learn twisty turn-y flows, unusual pirouettes, non-aerial spins, pole to floor transitions, and floor work around the base of the pole. You asked for it and now its here. LIQUID MOTION ON THE POLE.
This is an open level workshop, as there is something for every
$60 per person

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